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Mega Millions    Apr.  20   80 M  SuperLotto   Apr.  21  7 M  Power Ball  Apr. 21  142 M     

Jackpot's  Overview   after 8:15 PM   Sunnyvale Sunrise Sunset
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Apr. 21, Redwood City Exam Session at 10:30 AM and please bring
Apr. 23, New Call Signs for Redwood City Exam session   Monday  before  8 AM
Apr. 29, Full Moon Sunday
May 12, Sunnyvale Exam session at 10:30 AM and  please bring  
May 12,  Electronic Flea Market @ De Anza College  Noon
May 14, New call signs for the Sunnyvale Exam session before 8 AM
Jul.  01, New questions for the Technician Class exam.
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