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Redwood City Exam session today at 10:30 AM and please bring.
May 25, Memorial Day Observed-Monday
May 26, New call signs for the Redwood City Exam session, Tuesday before 8 AM.
Jun. 02, Full Moon-Tuesday
Jun. 05, SEA-PAC Convention, Seaside, OR 5-7
Jun. 13, Sunnyvale Exam session at 10:30 AM and please bring on Saturday.
Jun. 13, De Anza Flea Market Saturday
Jun. 15, New call signs for the Sunnyvale Exam session before 8 AM.
Jun. 27, Redwood City Exam session at 10:30 AM and please bring on Saturday.
Jun. 29, New call signs for the Redwood City Exam session, Monday before 8 AM.
Jul.  01, New General Class question pool.
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