1.    FCC Password                 1st time 

2.  FCC Password Reset       Reset PW

3.  FCC Help #1                   

4.  FCC Help #2            

5.  Cores Help                         Sample Password  1 or 2

6.  Pay Aplication Fee            1234567890#UL   and

7. Apply for Vanity                  Change U to Uppercase letter

8. Apply for a FRN                  Change L to  Lower case letter

9. VEC LIst  and (Question Pool- download DOCX or text)

10. Pay FCC Fee   

    a. get a Password use 1 or 2

    b Pay Fee----------- use 6

11.    Any change to a club call sign

                A.   Anchorage ARC VEC

         B.   ARRl VEC

         C.   W4VEC VEC

         D.   W5YI  VEC

12. No call sign search FRN

13. Question Pool dates and part 97